Classic facial care, suitable for all skin types. Based on a correct skin analysis, the right products are used in combination with a relaxing experience.

Price: €75


The Essential Deluxe facial treatment uses an extra such as an ampoule, a Crystal Fiber Mask and an extensive massage. Based on a correct skin analysis, the right products are used, adapted to your skin type.

Price: €95



The Germaine de Capuccini line with 'queen beeswax' for nourishment, strengthening and increasing the resistance of the skin. External stress such as UV radiation, polluted air, humidity of the environment weakens the structure and leads to a loss of the skin's resistance, the royal jelly restores this capacity for an extraordinarily beautiful skin structure. The skin looks more nourished, is velvety soft, more compact and therefore more radiant. The skin's firmness is restored and the appearance of wrinkles is delayed, the signs of fatigue fade.

Price: €75


From the very first treatment, this care line contributes to restoring the optimal hydration level of the skin, which helps to balance and maintain it. This line combines hyaluronic acid with Japanese spring water from a volcanic source and will hydrate, repair and protect the skin. After just 1 treatment, 100% of clients have more hydrated skin. Provides immediate, intense and long-lasting hydration. Protects the skin against dehydration and extreme weather conditions.

Price: €85


A purifying treatment for healthy glowing skin. Gives the skin a matt-shiny, pure and even appearance.

Ideal for anyone of any age group who desires clean, clear skin.

Price: €70


Soothing care for stressed and sensitive skin types A blend of natural plant extracts and oils combined with exclusive technologies to restore the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the skin), which is often damaged by sensitive skin. The skin's natural defense mechanisms are stimulated and the skin tolerance level is increased for a pleasant feeling.

Price: €75