Microneedling is a treatment in which the skin is perforated with very fine needles made of surgical metal. In this way the highly concentrated active ingredients (Mesoestetic C.prof solutions) can be penetrated deeper into the skin. This technique encourages the skin to form collagen and elastin.

Serums tailored to your skin are a micropen inserted deeper into the skin. Due to the stimulation of the connective tissue, the skin is boosted and restored. This is a gradual process with results becoming visible after 2 to 4 weeks. With this treatment you opt for a treatment tailored to your skin, where we will treat different zones with specific serums.

Price: €90

Depending on the active ingredients used and the treatment chosen, these serums will, among other things, provide wrinkle reduction, a better hydrated skin, a good tightening of the skin, a general gloss improvement, more brightness, a more beautiful glow, ...

Already after 3 days you will notice a clear improvement in your skin texture. Medical studies show that one microneedling treatment increases collagen and elastin production by 100%. So your skin makes a lot of collagen and elastin that strengthens your skin. Your pores become smaller and your skin is smoother and more even.